Lillyanne - Psychic Medium

Internationally recognised spiritualist medium.

Hello, I am Lillyanne and I thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I am an internationally recognised psychic medium & Clairvoyant.

I can give you an insight into your past, your present and your future, I communicate with my spirit guides, as well as bring your family and friends who are in the spirit world to bring you a caring, down to earth, honest and loving reading.

Are you seeking answers to what is happening in your life?
Want to communicate with a loved one?

I have been able to see spirit since i was maybe 3 or 4, I remember I used to play with 'invisible friends' in the garden as a little girl. I have conducted readings near all my life as I do believe that this is my calling upon this world.

Come talk to me. I conduct one to one, personal readings but I can also offer other reading options. I have worked for several British tabloids including The Daily Star, The Sun, Daily Express, as well as several womens' magazines including, Chat it's Fate! Spirit & Destiny, Woman among many others.

Family Life

I have 8 children, one being in spirit. Happily married to my wonderful husband Jack, whom I know is my soulmate.

I live in a lovely little village near Leeds, I am originally a city girl, but i feel I need to be near the countryside and trees as I need to feel the energy from them.

I am a normal everyday person just like you, difference being I talk to spirit.